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What to expect during the repair process

Car repair after a wreckIf you need work done to your vehicle after an accident, you may be wondering what the process will be like. We thought we’d give you a peek into what you can expect as well as some tips to shorten your time without your vehicle.

1. First, you’ll schedule a Damage Review appointment. During this 30-minute appointment, we’ll inspect the damage and review or provide an estimate. Sabin’s Body Shop works with all insurance companies to help you get maximum coverage for your repairs. However, your repair costs may exceed the amount your insurance company will cover. You won’t leave your vehicle with us yet, but we can start making your rental car reservation.

2. Next, we’ll collect a deposit for ordering parts. The deposit can be paid with a personal check, credit card, cash, money order, cashier’s check, or insurance check. Remember that insurance checks will need to be properly endorsed by all parties with liens.

3. The next step is to order parts and then schedule your 45-minute vehicle drop-off appointment that coincides with when the parts will arrive.

4. We’ll confirm with suppliers that the parts are on schedule and give you a reminder call the day before your drop-off date.

5. Before you come to your drop-off appointment, remember to:

  • Bring your estimate information, which should include the name of insurance carrier responsible, your policy number, claim rep’s name and phone number, and your claim number.
  • Remove all items and debris from your vehicle, especially in your trunk area. This step eliminates time spent cleaning or moving and storing your items in order to gain access to your vehicle’s paint codes.
  • Avoid using any car cleaning products (like Armor All®), which slows down our painting preparation process.
  • Fill your fuel tank. This is necessary for proper realignment to be done.
  • Disable all automotive and audio alarm systems or provide us with the appropriate codes to bypass them during your repair process.
  • Write down your radio station settings as they may be erased if the battery is disconnected during repairs.
  • Bring all keys with you for locked items such as trunks, wheel locks, spare tire locks, roof rack, locks, etc.


6. During the drop-off appointment, we’ll take photos to document the vehicle’s condition and record the vehicle’s mileage.

7. If there are repairs needed that could not have been foreseen without disassembling your vehicle, we’ll manage any issues with insurance companies.

8. We’ll call you regularly while we have your vehicle to let you know the status in the repair process. We will let you know of any delays that may arise and what we are doing to alleviate those delays.

9. When the repair is complete, we’ll give you a call and return your vehicle to you vacuumed, washed, and ready to roll.

Please ask us any questions that you have during any step of the process. We’re always here to help and want to make the process as easy as possible and make sure that you’re comfortable every step of the way.

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