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Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Are you experiencing rattling, shuddering, or vibrations when driving your car? Driving on rough and unpaved roads or running into curbs and other obstacles can cause misalignment. Parts wear down over time, so even with everyday use your vehicle may need an alignment.

Sabin’s Body Shop has top-of-the-line Hunter Alignment Equipment. With up-to-date technology, certified technicians, and the best equipment around you can be sure to have the results you expect. Alignment checks are always free and you'll get a print out of what needs to be done. After the alignment, we'll give you a print out of the vehicle's before and after specs so you can see exactly what was done to ensure your vehicle is riding properly.

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Tire alignment

Poor alignment can cause:
  • Safety issues due to difficulty handling the car or steering
  • Premature tire wear
  • Lower fuel efficiency