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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Vehicle

January 02, 2018

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Vehicle


As you ring in the new year, and start writing down your goals, don’t leave your vehicle behind! Not only are these resolutions beneficial to your vehicle, but in the long run can save you money on costly and unnecessary repairs that can be prevented.


  1. Keep up on Oil Changes

Often times it’s easy to forget this simple, yet important part of preserving your engine. Over time, oil accumulates contaminants and loses its viscosity (its ability to flow into every crevice of the engine). Contaminants cause friction as parts rub together causing those parts to wear out faster. The damage caused by these conditions are irreversible, unless you chose to have them repaired which can be very costly. Oil changes are a cost-effective way to not only protect your engine, but it gives a chance for our technicians to get a look under the hood and make sure everything is running as it should be. With every oil change, we perform a free multi-point inspection that includes inspection of tires, topping off fluids, checking brakes, plugs, and much more. This allows us to give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is ready for the road.


  1. Keep a Clean Car

A large part of preserving the value of your car is keeping it clean. Not only is this good for your wallet in the long run, but has lasting effects on your vehicle. The elements tend to be very unforgiving on your vehicle’s exterior. For instance, in the winter, while the salt on the road is imminent for safe winter driving, it’s not so great for your vehicle. Rust and corrosion can become an issue which can have serious consequences on your wallet. Routinely washing your car will greatly decrease your chances of having these issues. Also applying a good coat of quality wax will help. An Exterior Detailing Service would be a great way to not only protect your car from the elements, but save you the hassle of doing it yourself.  As for the interior, spills and stains are much easier to get out if they are tended to right away. To get the most out of your car during trade in or resale you will want to have a clean interior. Interior Detailing Services are a great way to “hit the reset button.” This will help restore your vehicle to “like-new” condition and help keep you motivated to keep it clean.


  1. Get to Know Your Owner’s Manual

While at first glance your Owner’s Manual may seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming it can be very beneficial to you. After all, this book contains everything you need to know about safely and properly operating your vehicle. Your owner’s manual contains tons of useful knowledge and advice that can be of great help to you. Some things you may find handy in an Owner’s Manual are: how to decipher warning lights, how to troubleshoot common problems, advice for better driving practices, and so much more. Taking the time to get to know your Owner’s Manual can greatly enhance your driving experience as well as extend the life of your car.


Here at Sabin’s we have some big goals set for 2018 and we look forward to another fun and exciting year! We want to thank everyone for their continued trust and support in our business as we dive in to 2018 and we wish you the best as you strive to achieve your own goals. Have a safe and happy new year!

About the Author
Sean Sabin is the co-owner and business manager of Sabin's Body Shop. He is in charge of all car repair estimates, auto parts orders, marketing, sales, and finances.

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